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    Introducing Transhudson Hotel - Parshall

  • North Dakota

    Over the decades North Dakota’s population has declined as locals have left in search of improved employment prospects

  • Oil Boom

    Thanks to technological advances, North Dakota now accounts for 10% of the US’s vast oil production

  • The Problem

    Tens of thousands of oil workers have flocked to North Dakota, creating a massive housing crisis and leaving thousands with nowhere to live

  • The Opportunity

    North Dakota Developments is building fully serviced, executive hotel studio accommodation for oil workers, at once solving the housing crisis and creating a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity

North Dakota Developments – Award Winning Developer

North Dakota Developments LLC is a specialist developer building quality commercial accommodation for oil and service sector workers in the Bakken Oil Field in the USA. We have offices on three continents. Our objectives are simple: To produce the highest quality housing in the Bakken Region for oil companies to house their workers, at an affordable price whilst ensuring the highest returns for their investors and stakeholders.

For us as a company, our reputation is of paramount importance and something we will never compromise on: our clients and customers will always receive the best customer care and product without fail.

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We are always looking for proactive companies to join our International Affiliate Network and promote our property developments to their client base. We offer a safe and secure way to purchase US property in the Bakken Region for investment purposes and benefit from what is an amazing story.

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New Product Introducing Transhudson Hotel - Parshall Click here for more information

Transhudson Hotel Parshall


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