Great American Lodge Watford City

The Project

Driveways are now concreted and lamp posts added

Great American Lodge, Watford City is now open with the 216 units of Phase 1 having workers moving in. The 216 units in Phase 2 are already under construction and due to be fully operational shortly. These are the first is our latest Serviced Hotel Development with more sites being created over the next 3 years to provide an excellent opportunities for property investors to take advantage of the unique situation in the ‘Bakken Oil Field’. If you are interested in investing please enquire and we can put you in touch with your nearest North Dakota Developments affiliate or if you are looking to promote the Great American Lodge, Watford City please visit our Affiliates page.

The Situation

Polk Suite block at a distance

The world we live in continues to be dictated by the supply and demand for commodities and there are few commodities that are more important in the world than oil. As the world’s largest consumer of oil, the USA is in an incredibly fortunate position to have discovered one of the largest oilfields ever, known as the Bakken Formation in North Dakota.

The Opportunity

Of course it goes without saying that the large oil companies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Halliburton are already heavily involved. Due to the extremely new opportunity and remote location of the Bakken Formation oil fields in North Dakota, USA, there is an incredible shortage of accommodation for 15,000 oil workers. The small percentage of Bakken workers lucky enough to have accommodation are often living in substandard single rooms commanding extortionate rent.

The situation has created an incredible, untapped opportunity to provide accommodation in this area for the thousands of cash rich oil and service sector workers struggling to find somewhere to live.

Accommodation Investment

This is where we come in, delivering a new Serviced Hotel Development, which is ideally located in the proximity of a range of amenities and facilities. The high quality, affordable accommodation, with its full range of recreational facilities and services, will ensure workers commit to long term, regular tenancies.

Executive Hotel Suites

  • Annual rental returns year on year of up to 38.4%
  • Rental income supported by multinational oil companies
  • Based on 6 Executive Studios including discount

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Each Executive Hotel Suite is a stand-alone hotel within the Serviced Hotel Development and consists of six self-contained Executive Hotel Studio.

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Purchase Price Project Annual Gross Income Projected Rental Yield Optional 25% Net Rental assurance
$349,700* $273,969 38.4% pa $69,940

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Executive Hotel Studio

  • Projected rental yields of up to 37.33% per year
  • Massive rental demand – 15,000 oil workers, and rising
  • Optional 25% Rental assurance

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Our Executive Hotel Studios provide the high quality accommodation option that the oil workers are lacking, with rental income supported by some of the world’s largest oil companies.

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Purchase Price Project Annual Gross Income Projected Rental Yield Optional 25% Net Rental Assurance
$59,950 $22,381 pa 37.33% pa $11,990

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Fractional Ownership – Studio

  • Invest from $33,950
  • Projected rental yields of up to 32.96% per year
  • Realistic occupancy rates of over 90%

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Take advantage of this excellent investment opportunity with a lower entry level by owning a 50% fraction in an Executive Hotel Studio.

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Purchase Price Project Annual Gross Income Projected Rental Yield
$33,950 $11,190 pa 32.96% pa

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